Frequently Asked Questions:


Hi, I'm interested in your services. How do I book you for my wedding?

Hello! Please fill out the inquiry form and we’ll get you situated!

How much does it cost to book you and what forms of payment do you accept?

I require a $600 per-day-reserved retainer fee($800 with the Photo Package Add-On) in order to lock in your date. I accept Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle and free bank transfers as forms of payment.

Why should I choose Xposure Films? What makes you different from all of the other videographers?

As a filmmaker, story-telling is important to us. What good is a film if it cannot keep you invested in its characters. Combining an emotional story with high-end cinematography and production value will guarantee a timeless memory that you can cherish decades from now.

Which Package is best for me?

It really depends on what you want as your final delivery. Here are some recommendations:

Highlights Package (3-5min): You just want an Online Highlights video (3-5 minutes) that showcases clips and some audio from your day. You will also receive a hard drive with RAW (unedited) files. These files are straight out of the camera plus the Highlights Video.

Wedding Story Package (6-8min): Structurally more cinematic in its flow. This is the story that will call for the tissue boxes. You will also receive a hard drive with RAW (unedited) files. These files are straight out of the camera plus the Wedding Story Film edit.

Standard Package: You want EVERYTHING edited and polished by us. Wedding Story Edit, FULL Ceremony Edit and FULL Reception Events EDIT all on a PERSONALIZED WOOD USB with your names engraved! You got it! Ps. Digital Files can be copied from the USB and sent to family and friends around the world!

Why do all of your packages have x3 Cinematographers? Can I take one out to save money?

My style of coverage is different in that I offer various perspectives during your wedding day. Having 3 cinematographers allows us to capture audience reactions when the bride is walking down the aisle, audience perspectives during the reception events and faster coverage during romantics and detail capture.  Because I want to uphold this style of quality, I cannot remove a cinematographer as each person plays a very important role during your wedding day.

Why must you start at getting ready?

We prefer to start during the "getting ready" portion of the day so that we can capture important details such as the dress, shoes, rings etc before it's put on.

Do you offer discounts?

We take our work very seriously. The amount of years spent learning, training and being proficient at what we do on top of the incredible amount of investments we make in keeping up with the latest software and technology makes it difficult to cut down our prices. With that said, we do not offer discounts of any kind.

Do you offer Same Day Edits?

Yes. Although my preference and recommendation would be a Wedding Story Film, due to the overall quality of a non-rushed product, I can still provide a Same Day Edit for you and your guests to see at the end of the night. Please inquire in your message.

Do you offer DVDs/BluRays?

I no longer offer DVDs or BluRays. Instead, I highly recommend you go with my PERSONALIZED USB option which includes High Definition exports of your video. With DVDs being Standard Definition and the market moving towards Ultra-High Definition, the video quality of DVDs is too low. As for BluRays, not many people have a BluRay player from my personal experience. With SMART TVs, simply plug in the USB, select the USB input on your TV and your videos will play as if it were a DVD/BluRay player. Or transfer all digital files to your phone or tablet and stream through AppleTV, Chromecast or any other wireless streaming device.

What is the Documentary Edit?

Think of it like a sports telecast. Watch your Full Ceremony and Reception Events in real time as the camera switches to get the best possible angles. This edit can take up to 6 months. The maximum length of the Documentary Edit is 90 minutes.

Sample Documentary Edits:



What cameras do you utilize?

I currently use Sony Mirrorless cameras and lenses to capture weddings in High Definition. We also offer 4k at an additional charge.

Do you need to scout our Ceremony and Reception venue(s) prior?

Since we only need about 3 minutes to figure out our setup for ceremony and reception sites, we prefer not to visit the venue prior.

Can I choose my own music for the highlights video?

In order for me to run my business legally, I must be able to use music that I can license. I choose my music from websites such as www.TheMusicBed.com and www.SongFreedom.com I always prefer to choose the music because I understand the flow of your wedding. But, if you would like to be more involved, you're free to browse these websites and shoot me some suggestions.

My photographer has it listed in their contract that they are priority. Is this a problem?

Yes. During getting ready and romantics, we prefer to direct some of my own shots. Our time with the bride and groom takes no longer than 10-15 minutes during the romantics. If a photographer doesn’t allow me to do this then we feel that the quality and integrity of your video may suffer. As paid vendors, we want to work as a team and we also want to make friends for future referrals!

Your company name sounds like you do porn. Why don’t you change it?


Well, I booked you anyways. Now what?

Great! Now just sit back and relax until your wedding date and we’ll be there to capture your special day!