Hi, my name is Xerxes Sangco

I'm a filmmaker with over 10 years of experience. My background began on film sets and television broadcasting; having shot for Disney, Panasonic and more. After winning several awards in multiple film festivals, I decided to apply my knowledge into wedding films. It is my passion to be the best visual story-teller I can possibly be and making wedding films helps me pursue it.

In my years of experience

I believe that within myself, the business of filming weddings has evolved past the idea that it is a form of art. It has rather become somewhat of a sport. I've started to strategize my approach in capturing the best angles and documenting unforgettable drama in a way that many cannot grasp. My standards will always be that the audience stays invested in a seamless story. My shots will always have a reason to be there and my characters will arc in a fitting conclusion.

I am only as good as my team

Having the responsibility of directing not only my clients, but also my crew, while coordinating with vendors and delivering the highest quality product possible; that will always be my biggest challenge. A challenge that I am willingly ready to accept with each new project.

I established Xposure Films in May 2013 and currently servicing the United States nation-wide.

My focus is to tell stories through music, imagery and most importantly, dialog.

I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV.

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